Collezione Numero Uno "Semper Augustus" In the 1600’s Golden Age, a fever gripped Dutch society that would make history and be discussed for centuries to come. The centre of this intense adoration and wild speculation - the humble tulip.

In particular, those that contracted a virus which resulted in uniquely variegated colours were to become highly prized and extraordinarily expensive. Bestowed with regal names and traded for unbelievable sums, these ‘broken’ tulips made and lost fortunes in moments. Above all, with blood-red flares and vivid flames streaking across a white base, Semper Augustus reigned supreme. An icon celebrated for its beauty, coveted for its rarity and renowned for its incredible value. It is said that at it’s peak, a single bulb cost more than a canal side family home or 4 times the average yearly salary. This collection is limited to a single piece, in honour of the historic bulb.



Impeccable craftmanship from selected italian producers to ensure the very best result, without exceptions.

For 65 EUR